17 Nov 2015

Salon du Chocolat Paris

It was pretty much last minute decision to go to Paris this year. The Eurostar prices started to accelerate approaching the show and the flights prices weren't too far behind, but then I managed to get an offer by Air France and booked it just a few days before I travelled. This year I decided to save on the hotels and stayed in the Ibis. I don't have much experience staying at Accor hotels, but the one I stayed in Paris wasn't so great.
But that's all gone as soon as I landed at Orly airport. The first night I dined with a chocolate friend at Pottoka opened by the chef Sébastien Gravé. It's informal modern French restaurant with reasonable prices.
The following day was dedicated fully for the chocolate show. I arrived the time the show was opened and I didn't regret it. As the first hour and half the big crowds that are typical to the show weren't present.
The show was spread over 2 floors. In the lower level there was a small section for professionals who would like to find out about the latest machinery to make the next best chocolate, the countries booths and the area of the patisseries challenge.
The top floor was mainly the chocolatiers selling the merchandises and the stage for the fashion show.
There are a few things that caught my eye in the show.

  1. The present of so many Japanese chocolatiers. I count and there were 10. If it's not enough some of the French chocolatiers hired Japanese to work at their stalls.
  2. Chocolate shop from Hakata in Fukuoka Japan produce those chocolate truffles that are  sweeten by sweet potato.  IMG_3634.JPG
  3. A Morin chocolate produce horse milk chocolate. A Morin horse chocolate milk - Salon du Chocolat
  4. Dari K sells lip balm made of chocolate. You can eat of course. Chocolate Lip Balm Dari K - Salon du Chocolat
More photos from the show:
Le chocolat des Français - Salon du Chocolat
Le chocolat des Français made by young French people, they got cool packages

Very nice bean to bar by Cacao Store from Japan. My favourite one was the bar from Peru

Cacao Hunters - Salon du Chocolat
Cacao hunters made by Mayumi Ogata in Colombia
Cocoa of Excellence - Salon du Chocolat
Cocoa of Excellence works on rating the beans for farmers

Chocolate from Mexico - Salon du Chocolat
Mexican chocolate

  Chocolate sculptures:
  Chocolate sculpture - Salon du Chocolat

Chocolate sculptured is made by the chef - Salon du Chocolat

Chocolate sculpture - Salon du chocolat

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