15 Jun 2015

Cooking with Chocolate

Just over a year ago I wrote about Chocolate infused food. I thought there would be more attempts to use chocolate in food, but I didn't come accross of any. Last year I visited
Un Dimanche à Paris and had their special chocolate brunch.
Un Dimanche à Paris
The special brunch menu isn't cheap, but worth the money if you want to try food infuse with chocolate or even if you simply love food. The meal doesn't have only sweet plates as you can't find in the photo, but also savoury plate. I think the only non chocolate food was my glass of orange juice.

I thought about exploring more the chocolate with food and talking with the bloker of El mundo del chocolate blog. I got a recipe for squid in cacao sauce. I got a comment from a vegetarian friend about the colour, but I think it's more because she's anti anything which contains fish or meat as I fed that dish to some chocolate experts a couple of weeks ago and they enjoyed it, but a comment I got that it'll be easier to accept a chicken dish rather than something exotic like squid for people in London.

Last week I had the privilege to attend a chocolate cooking class run by Annamarie Jones at Food at 52 kitchen. It's my second class with Annamarie. The first one was just before Easter which was a Easter chocolate class at Bake with Maria. Back to the class at Food at 52. They got an attractive kitchen is the heart of Clerkenwell. We prepared Chocolate Oaxacan mole as the main course. For the one who are curious what it contains. It's a chicken breast in a mole which is a Mexican sauce with chocolate with accompaniment of coriander rice after finishing the main we had the Milk chocolate pots de creme.
Sweet Pecans
Sweet pecans
At that point we were stuffed so the friendly team at Food at 52 packed for us to take home the Sea salted dark chocolate and caramelised pecan tarts and the Milk chocolate mint and lemon truffles.

I first met Annamarie when she worked in the kitchen of Melt chocolate shop in Ledbury Street. I took a group on a chocolate tour in Notting Hill and she did a short chocolate tasting for us. She made her way organising events for Rococo chocolate and now one of her jobs is teaching people how to make chocolate.

The day I spent in this class left me want to explore more about food infused with chocolate. Hopefully there will be a follow up class somewhere.

Tart making
Annamarie makes the dough for the tart
Chicken Mole
Chicken Mole
Chocolate Tart
Chocolate Tart
Chocolate Tart
Chocolate Tart
Milk Chocolate Pots de cream
Milk chocolate pots de creme

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