18 Feb 2014

Chocolate infused food

Five years ago Willie Harcourt-Cooze came to my awareness when he appeared on his Channel 4 documentary Willie's Wonky Chocolate Factory. Until that moment chocolate for me was confectionery. Willie in his kitchen demonstrated how to use the pure chocolate in savoury dishes.  For example the recipe on Channel 4 cooking website of Pheasant or duck and cacao casserole recipe.

Lamb marinated in cacao nibs at Rabot 1745
Visiting London you wonder where can you find a cacao infused food? First I had savoury chocolate food was in the London Chocolate Festival.
Anne Mae's had a stall where they sold Mexican style food infused with Cacao and come · con · ella  reported about it in her blog

But that was just on a special occasions, especially as Anne Mae's is a street food business which doesn't have a permanent location and you can find them in markets and events.
Tasting dinner at the Chocolate Museum
In late 2013 the people of Hotel Chocolat opened in London their restaurant Rabot 1745 in the same spot where they used to have the chocolate shop in Borough market Rabot estate. In the beginning of February I had the chance to dine together with a few fellow chocolate enthusiast. We had the set menu and we all enjoyed the food. What you shouldn't expect is to get a shank of lamb in a sweet chocolate sauce, but the cacao and cacao nibs are used to enhanced the flavours. In the example of the lamb, they marinated it in cacao nibs. I tried the mashed potatoes with cacao butter and here they used the cacao butter instead of dairy butter.
Another place to dine is the Chocolate Museum in Brixton, but here the chocolate dinner functions on a pop up basis. I had a 5 course tasting
dinner made by Chisom. You need to check on the Chocolate museum website for future events.
Hotel Chocolat got another restaurant up in Leeds, but I haven't been to Leeds yet.

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