8 Sept 2012

Secret gardens chocolate walk

The weekend of 9th-10th June was the Open Garden Squares event. It started in 1998 and is held on the second weekend of June every year. This year I had the honour to organise a walk visiting several gardens in Notting Hill and tasting in each garden a flavoured chocolate. I was hoping to match the plant that flavour the chocolate to the garden where you can find that plant, but that task was too difficult. Eventually I managed to find in one of the gardens lavender, which used in one of the chocolate we had.

Entering the garden I gave a short talk about the chocolate slab we had in this garden and I explained about the plant used for this chocolate.
All the gardens we visited are communal gardens shared by the resident live locally that their flat overlook the squares. It's a privilege to be able to use those gardens especially in an area like Notting Hill and only the residents and there guests have usually access to those green areas. The Open Garden Squares weekend is the only chance for the non residents to visit those gardens.

IMG_5286.JPG We visited the following gardens Arundel & Ladbroke GardensArundel & Elgin Garden,  Rosmead Garden,  Stanley Crescent Garden,  Ladbroke Square Garden,  Hanover Gardens,
Norland Square.

All the chocolate was supplied by Melange Chocolate in Peckham.

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