4 Mar 2012

Pudding at the Ledbury

As a chocolate club that aim to try any desert that London can offer. I couldn't miss the opportunity to organise lunch at the Ledbury.
So the portions aren't enormous as expected from a restaurant in that level, but they didn't stop surprising us with variety of small dishes to taste between the courses.
I chose to focus in this post in the puddings.The price for the puddings in the a la carte menu varied between £5-10 (£5 includes in the bill if you take the set menu, but you can upgrade for a different pudding).
I'll start from the end just before we got the bill we were served with fruit jelly sweets on cocoa nibs, chocolate truffles and shells shape pastries.
I had the caramelised banana galette with salted caramel and peanut oil parfait. More to come for another party in the group was Passion fruit souffle with sauternes ice cream. Last to come was the Pavé (rectangular shape) of Chocolate with Milk Purée and Lovage (plant) Ice Cream.
The presentation of the deserts were excellent and taste was splendid.

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