22 Oct 2011

Salon du Chocolat

The difference between art & baking that one you can preserve forever nearly the other one you can't smell & taste so it uses less senses.
Tokyo Chocolate direct from Japan
I started my second day in Paris with art. Orsay Museum was shut due to a strike of the stuff so I had to find an alternative. The easiest would be to divert to chocolate hunting, but I decided to stick to the art theme and visited the Orangerie museum and the home of Monet, which let me think about the equivalents.
We go back one day and I visited the Salon. It was the last day of the professional show so I checked all the latest technologies when it comes to chocolate making and competition who make the patisseries. Several contends that come from different countries did their best to impress the reputable judges.
Upstairs is the ordinary fair that contain hundreds of dealers that produce sweets.
Chocolate coated marshmallow treats
I didn't have the chance to see everything on Friday so when I wake up tomorrow morning I'm going for my second visit.
So watch this space for more news from the fair including my favourite chocolate.
On Friday I had the opportunity to buy the chocolate for the chocolate tasting event on the 1st November.

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