16 Oct 2011

Chocolate workshop at Melange

Until recently artisan chocolate was attainable only in posh areas of London with the assumption that if you can afford to buy luxurious car you would definitely buy quality chocolate. Slowly slowly that assumption unproved and the quality chocolatiers start to drift to the suburbs. Perhaps because of saturation of chocolatiers in Central areas or the increased demand for quality chocolate.
Isabelle a French born chocolatier opened her shop in Peckham 3 years ago, actually yesterday was the 3rd birthday of the shop. The chocolate group visited Melange chocolate last weekend for a chocolate workshop. Isabelle was very warm and welcoming and offered a choice of a drink to us, of course I chose the hot chocolate, which was delicious.

The first part of the workshop was introduction to chocolate and we sampled different chocolates. Then we moved to the fun part of the day, which was the truffles making. Isabelle demonstrated to us how to make the ganache, which is made of chocolate and double cream and we pour into smaller individual bowls for us to spice it according to our taste. When we finished the ganache was fridge until we were ready to prepare the truffles.

Isabelle prepared for us toffee as well, by the way I forgot to mention we received the recipe for what we made to take home with us. The next stage was to temper chocolate. We tempered white, milk and dark chocolate. Each one has different temperature and it was fun to whisk the chocolate with the cream and check the temperature. When we reached the temperature which is different depends on the chocolate we started dipping the ganache, which was now out of the fridge in the tempered chocolate. We coated the truffles with variety of toppings provided by Isabelle.
After nearly 4 hours we had lots of truffles (roughly 1/2kg) to take home. The result of the day can be seen in the short slideshow. 

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