18 Oct 2011

Chocolate Quiz

Do you think you're an expert when it comes to chocolate? 15 members attended the first quiz of its kind.
I organised the chocolate quiz to raise money to FoodCycle.
What is the idea behind FoodCycle?
The idea is simple. Food retailers throw out millions of tons of edible food every year due to supply overstock. The aim of FoodCycle is to redirect this food so it can be used to cook nutritious meals for people in the local community that do not have access to healthy foods for a variety of reasons, such as lack of income or knowledge of healthy nutrition.
and the opening task was to identify the fruits in the pictures. Some are quite exotic and I wouldn't know unless I had the answer sheet. Also I learnt that in a picture peach and nectarine look very similar. It was a fun way to start the evening. Later we also discovered the connection between the fruits and the cause.


The next stage was a list of questions were to some of them had multi choice answers. I was told later that the quiz wasn't easy, but that is the purpose as if it was easy there is no point to conduct the quiz in my opinion. The questions were about the history of cacao and chocolate and facts about chocolate. Like the top exporter of Cocoa.

After a short break we had another round with photos, this time of different sweets. The last round of the quiz we had questions related to FoodCycle and we could make the connection to the fruits. As most of the questions lead you to the fact that there is so much waste of food in the UK.

Baruzzo Chocolate provided the prizes for the quiz, which were 2 boxes of truffles and one box for sampling. My favourite one is liquorice one, but I didn't have the chance to taste them all. I wonder what the others chose as their favourite?

£41.19 was collected during the evening and thanks for everyone who donated.

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  1. Thanks for the opportunity to supoport the Chocolate Group and Food Cycle!

    Greg from www.Baruzzo.co.uk