6 Sept 2011

The Fashion show of the food business

The Fashion show of food the food business, that is how I can describe the Speciality & Fine Food Fair in Kensington Olympia I attended today. The fair isn't for the general public, though if you register you could come even if you simply like food, but probably smaller chance if you come midweek.
So I was there on the last day of the show for the second half of the day and in 3 hours I had to try all the chocolate I could have nearly, which didn't leave much time for photos. I was also surprised that one chocolate presenter refused me to take the photo of their chocolate and they only willing to release official photos to the press.
Anyhow approaching any stand, the presenter will check for the badge to realise who she or he has to do business with. Most of them I believe didn't really understand the concept of Chocolate Walks.
The show was a good opportunity to meet some of the people behind the chocolate bar and taste the new products to be launched later this year.
In 6 weeks time I'm off to Paris for the Salon du Chocolat, which is dedicated only for chocolate, so looking forward for that one.

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