14 Aug 2011

Relaxing Chinese Teahouse minutes away from Portobello market

Tea preparation
Just few minutes away from the busy Portobello market this Chinese style teahouse is located. It's reside in a nice detached house where the lounge was converted into an open space kitchen with the feeling you're in a teahouse in China. I haven't been to China, but imaging how a teahouse in China should look like that's what I imagined.

Pei welcomed us with some tea to taste and we spent the afternoon learning how to drink tea and the tea was served with some savoury dumplings and some sweets treats. As we're a chocolate group. Pei made an effort to bake some delicious chocolate treats. Actually my favourite one wasn't any chocolate one, but the scones with the delicious jam.

Pei stocks a lot of different teas, some I've never heard of before, like a blue tea. Different tea have different method of preparation and serving, like mine was a mix of different dry fruits and it was serve in a glass tea pot. Pei got a collection of tea pots for the variety of teas.

Pei serves the tea
The teahouse is open only on the weekend at the moment, but Pei said he plans to extend the opening days. You can buy the teas online on  Tenamu website as well.

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