23 Jun 2011

The history of the chocolate walks and why to start a cook book club?

Raquel @ Melt Notting Hill
A crazy day when it comes to the weather was last Saturday. Over 10 registered to that chocolate walk, but as the time passed more and more dropped out as I could tell by checking the event page on the meetup page. Kelvin who joined a couple of days before the meetup group showed up on time ready to the walk.
Walking to the first stop Paul A Young was dry, where I tried his ice cream range of Salted caramel with melted chocolate topping that becomes as a glazing a few seconds after been dropped on the cold ice cream. Next time I'll go on the plain ice cream as I didn't find the chocolate complements properly that ice cream flavour.
Kelvin turn out to be a writer and his post about this walk is in the Travel Editor if you're wondering for the adventure chocolate photo on his post, it's Paul A Young new chocolate book, which reminds me the cook book club I launched for the chocolate meetup group.

Our first stop was in Angel and the plan was to follow the canal to Camden to visit Chin Chin Labs, but as the day turn to heavy showers day that I haven't seen like that around for long time, we jumped on a bus after a short stroll to the next stop in Notting hill. I'm not going to give the full route, but I can't omit the nice visit to Melt, the only chocolate shop in London to have an open plan kitchen where you can view the chocolatier preparing all the delicious chocolate you can buy in the shop. On the weekend usually Raquel is in charged and she let us try her mud cake, which was absolutely delicious.
Later we visited the near by Artisan du Chocolat down the road in Westbourne grove. They always have crazy ideas for their chocolate, this season it's the tennis ball chocolate.

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